karen_cutler_le_spa_4_pattesThe History

After more than 10 years in Lasalle, Le Spa 4 Pattes offers among other things, daycare and boarding for dogs and cats, dog training, quality grooming and styling, standard or personalized, nail cutting without appointment, a wide variety of superior quality pet food, products and accessories for dogs and cats.

Holistic Approach

Our holistic approach contributes to the wellbeing of your pet. The use of aromatherapy and relaxation music within our SPA, allows your pet to remain calm and confident. We do have a large selection of homeopathic remedies available for cats and dogs. For those who have issues with your companion’s nails such as scratching furniture or floors, or their own skin due to allergies, the perfect solution is nail caps.

At Le Spa 4 Pattes

Your four legged companion will receive our 5-star service under one roof: boarding for dogs and cats, daycare for dogs and puppies, playroom, dog park, superior quality pet food, products and accessories for canine, feline and exotics, grooming and styling, nail caps, canine obedience training, and homeopathic products.

Grooming for Dogs, Cats and Exotics

With our knowledge of clinical work, before the actual grooming process begins, we check your animal for any possible basic medical condition such as ear or eye infections or skin irritations since their last visit. This gives you the opportunity to consult with your veterinarian early on.

Boarding and Daycare for Dogs, Cats and Exotics

Le Spa 4 Pattes offers short and long-term boarding for dogs, cats and exotics in a clean, safe and comfortable environment (condos have air conditioning and heated floors). For dogs that need to lose a few extra pounds, release anxiety or are hyperactive, our daycare offers an opportunity for your pet to interact and socialize with others while burning off energy.

Obedience Training – Specialists in Dog Behaviour

Whether your dog has behavioural issues such as anxiety, separation, excessive barking, jumping etc, or you’d like to better understand him, offer your puppy a good start. Strengthen the bond between you and your companion by registering for our professional semi-private obedience dog training courses consisting of 4 people per class. Reserve your spot now! Call 514-366-9651

Basic Hygiene Courses

Does a basic hygiene course for your pet interest you? In this course you will learn how to Clean and pluck your own dog’s ears, Cutting and filing of the nails, Brushing their teeth, Bathing, Deknotting, Blow drying. Register now !

Superior Quality Pet Food

Our boutique offers a vast variety of products and superior quality food for dogs and cats. As we take our animal nutrition seriously, we only offer natural dry, raw or canned organic food.

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