Adopt a Pet


Be prepared for wagging tails, wet noses and unconditional love when you attend a Le Spa 4 Pattes and Bell’ANIMA Adoption Event.

Bell’Anima (Italian for “Beautiful Soul”) is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and placing abandoned dogs and cats.

They are a foster based rescue with very big ideas. Their dream is to one day build a shelter for all of the abandoned animals that find their way to our rescue. In the meantime, they work with committed foster homes for an indefinite amount of time. These fosters work tirelessly in giving the Bell’Anima exercise, discipline, affection and socialization skills required to create a well balanced companion. This allows the animal to have their true character shine through rehabilitation, patience and love.

They also work closely with our veterinarians in order to provide all of their Bell’Animas a healthy future. They provide them with a full veterinary check, protect them from illness with basic vaccines, and most importantly all of our animals are spayed or neutered or will be if not yet of age.

After the adoption, Le Spa 4 Pattes can then help maintain your four legged companion who will receive our 5-star service under one roof: boarding for dogs and cats, daycare for dogs and puppies, playroom, dog park, superior quality pet food, products and accessories for canine, feline and exotics, styling, nail caps, canine obedience training, and homeopathic products.

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